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Individuals who experience NDEs are changed forever—and as a result, their roles and relationships often change, too. Misunderstanding, skepticism, and negative judgment can be felt from not only those in their own families and social support networks, but from their health care providers.  Given the transformative power of an NDE, it can also be isolating and confusing for the experiencer who has changed in ways that those around them may not understand.  Lack of support and validation from those in the personal or professional life of the experiencer can lead to emotional challenges which can act as obstacles to coping, healing, and healthy integration of the NDE into the life of the experiencer. As an experiencer with many years of professional practice in mental health, I am available for coaching and support services to help those who have experienced NDEs to understand and integrate the impact of their experience on their life and relationships—and work together to empower and embrace the transformative power of the NDE in their life.

Writing & Speaking

Sharing my NDE with a variety of audiences has allowed others to benefit from its lessons and gifts, and is something I am deeply committed to doing (see media section and upcoming publications). Each time I can honor and share this powerful experience, I am reminded of the sacred mission I was given during this spiritual encounter with the ultimate reality of unity consciousness. The transformative messages that I and many other experiencers receive during the enlightenment of the NDE have the power to change lives, renew the vision of our purpose here on earth, and allow us to see life through a very different lens that can renew and inspire.  The gifts of the NDE have tremendous implications for healthcare professionals, mental health providers, caregivers, and anyone who is seeking to understand their own spiritual journey more deeply.  In speaking with various audiences, it has become very clear to me that although my NDE was my own, unique experience, that its messages are universal—and were given to me to share in order to help others navigate the unseen world of light and love, of which we are all an important part.. The amazing, positive feedback I have received every time I share my experience has validated how many have been—and can be helped both personally and professionally by the messages of my NDE—and helped me to overcome the internal fear and resistance I had for many years about doing so. I am available to speak to your group either virtually or in person, or to write for your audience or publication about how the messages of my NDE can best help those you work with and serve.  I am especially committed to speaking to health care professionals, healers, students, and spiritually-minded audiences on various topics related to the integration of science and spirituality.

Education & Consulting

Although we have learned much more about NDEs than we knew several decades ago—there is still much work to be done.  Lack of understanding, education, and training among health care professionals, mental health providers, and community agencies remains a void that makes the provision of holistic care to experiencers and their families challenging, at best. Knowledge and understanding of NDEs is central to culturally competent care, and needs to be integrated into the education and training curricula for all health care professionals. NDE education is especially important for those in specialty areas such as hospice, critical care, emergency services, chronic/long-term care, and mental health—but NDEs occur across all specialties, cultures, and patient care situations. As such, there is much work to do to integrate the increasing knowledge base and evidence about NDEs into education of health care professionals. Whether it be a lecture, continuing education course, or consultation about curricula for nurses, physicians, mental health providers, or others, I am available to assist you. My preparation and years of experience as a nurse educator have allowed me to become familiar with a variety of different aspects of learner needs assessment, course and curriculum development, and both in-person and virtual learning options.

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About Dr. Deb King

Dr. Deb King is an advanced practical registered nurse who holds a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology.  In 2008, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest that lead to a profoundly life-altering near-death experience (NDE).

Her mission is to help other healthcare professionals to benefit from their gifts by integrating the powerful messages they bring into patient care.


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