Journey To The Light

A Children's Book Based On My NDE

Coming In The Fall Of 2023

In this beautiful picture book for children, a young girl takes a journey to find the light inside herself---and inside everyone and everything in the universe.

Based on the near-death experience of Dr. Deb King, this touching and joyful story shares  messages of universal connection, love, and light. The story illustrates valuable insights that help children understand the lack of separation between all things and the importance of letting their own light shine brightly.  Parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals will find this book comforting to children who have experienced challenges in body, mind, or spirit---or simply seeking to learn about the power of their own special and unique light as a gift to the world.  “Journey to the Light” helps children to learn about the amazing power within themselves and the connection of that power to the universal web of light to which we all belong.

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Hunter College: City University of New York

Bellevue School of Nursing
BSN: 1976

University of MD

MS Nursing: 1980

University of MD Baltimore County

MA Psychology: 1999

University of MD Baltimore County

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology: 2005

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About Dr. Deb King

Dr. Deb King is an advanced practical registered nurse who holds a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology.  In 2008, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest that lead to a profoundly life-altering near-death experience (NDE).

Her mission is to help other healthcare professionals to benefit from their gifts by integrating the powerful messages they bring into patient care.


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